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Leadership Behavior of Nurse Supervision and the Quality of Nursing Service in Selected Government Hospitals.


teresita d. gumatay

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The study involved 8 nurse supervisors, 17 staff nurses, 5 physicians and 10 nursing attendants, hence simple stratified sampling was used. The respondents were chosen because they are those who are directly involved in the health care system. The data were gathered through analysis of existing documents and records, hence a questionnaire was used. To statistically treat the gathered data, the percentage of samples were scored and computed. Mean and percentage distribution were used in determining the frequency of age, gender, civil status, educational attainment, relevant trainings, area/ward assignment. Length of service and salary while Pearson's Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation, coefficient of determination and T-test were used in evaluating the relationship between the leadership behavior and quality of nursing service.
The study revealed that there is a high positive correlation between the level of quality of nursing and leadership behavior of nurse supervisor under the areas of planning and organizing, controlling, directing, professionalism and service commitment.
In the light of the findings and conclusions obtained from the study, it is recommended that (1) the nurses who have earned MAN/MSN units must finish their degree. They must avail of the scholarships given by the Philippine Nurses Association and other professional organizations and agencies that would arm them with the educational qualification required of their position. Continuing professional education must be encouraged as to equip them with current trends and issues in nursing practice; (2) the two hospitals should continue sending their staff to trainings and seminar so that they will be updated with the current trends in nursing and also they will be properly oriented and informed on the innovations in nursing, its applications to hospital settings and how it will contribute to the achievement of the organization's mission, vision and goals; (3) to improve their service in the hospitals, nurse supervisors should conduct Annual Staff Development Seminar and In-House Seminars to develop camaraderie and good working relationship among their staff; (4) nurse supervisors should also avail themselves the opportunity to grow professionally by attending further graduate studies and attending seminars and trainings both locally and internationally. They should likewise attend seminars and trainings that have something to do in improving their management and leadership skills; and (5) the skills of nurse supervisors in planning and organizing should be developed further through enabling their staff to collaborate with them during planning and organizing stage. Moreover, they should conduct a regular performance evaluation every end of the year and the results can be used as basis in planning and organizing the activities and plans with the use of other variable like leadership style, mentorship nursing and other strategies to develop the full potential of nurses.


This study aimed to find out the leadership behaviors of nurse supervisors and quality of nursing service in selected government hospitals. The main problem of the study is how do leadership behaviors of nurse supervisors influence the quality of nursing service in Bataan General Hospital and Mariveles Mental Ward during calendar year 2005. Specifically, it aimed to answer the following questions; (1) what is the profile of the respondents in terms of age, gender, civil status, educational qualifications, length of service and relevant seminars attended?;(2) how may the leadership behaviors of nurse supervisor be described in terms of planning and organizing, controlling, directing and professionalism and service commitment?; (3) what is the level of quality of nursing service as perceived by supervisors, charge nurse, nursing attendant and physician?; (4) is there a relationship between leadership behaviors of nurse supervisors and the quality of nursing service?; and which among the leadership behaviors greatly affect the quality of nursing service.

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