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Determinants of Health Status of Selected Barangay in the City of Balanga.


evangeline f. sombiluna

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Sixty households from the Barangay Puerto Rivas Itaas, 149 households from Barangay Cataning, and 65 households from Barangay Camacho were randomly picked using random sampling. The mother and/or father of the family were the respondents of the study.
In light with the findings of this study, the following conclusions are hereby drawn: from among the variables under the family profile, the father's occupation and family structure were found to have significant relationship with morbidity and mortality rates; the garbage disposal system of the city was found to have significant relationship with morbidity and mortality rates; majority of the surveyed families are living below poverty line which means these families are earning as low as P250.00 a day which is way below the ideal cost of living allowance for a person living in a city; the city uses an open drainage system which is not ideal and advisable; there is an increasing rate in mortality in the surveyed barangays in the last five years and the culprit is heart disease which is found to be the leading cause of death in the family; and fever and flu are the leading causes of illness and the family and it is caused primarily to be polluted environment that is not conducive for a healthy living.
In view of the conclusions drawn by the researcher, the following measures were recommended: the city government, as it gives focus on women empowerment, must also design livelihood programs for the men especially the father of the family so that the latter can augment the family's earnings in order to provide the basic necessities for the members of the family; since the garbage disposal system of the city affects its mortality rate, the city administration must also review its development plan by adopting a more environment-friendly and health-advocate ways and means of disposing the city's garbage to avoid polluting the land, water and air; the city government must consider the fact that progress must be felt by all sectors of the community which can be done by creating more job opportunities that promise just and enough salaries for people with low academic background; the city government through its concerned department or agency must review the city's development plan on its drainage system. They must consider constructing a closed drainage system so as not to expose bacteria and viruses which can significantly alter the health status of its people; the city government must spearhead a comprehensive information dissemination campaign through its various agencies in promoting a healthy "heart style", the abuse of the heart and how to maintain a good heart; and with the advent of SARS and Bird's Flu, the city government t must pay large attention to fever and flu occurrences among its residents. The barangay health centers and rural health units of the city must be empowered by way of allocating sufficient funds for the procurement of medicines and promotion of health programs like health teachings among people of the barangay.


This study investigated how family and barangay profile affect the environmental health of Barangay Puerto Rivas Itaas, Barangay Cataning and Barangay Camacho in the City of Balanga during the Fiscal Year 2007.
Specifically, the study sought answers to the following questions: what is the family profile in terms of occupation, family size, family structure, average monthly income of the family and basic health care practices; how may the profile of the barangay be described in terms of location, house type, transportation system, garbage disposal system, excreta disposal system, drainage system, water supply and electricity supply; what is the level of health status of the barangays in terms of morbidity and mortality; is there any relationship between the family profile and health status of barangay; is there any relationship between the profile of the barangay and its health status; and which among the factors can be considered to be the determinants of the health status of the barangays.

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